Empowering youth with Relationships, Resources, and Real experience to be
the change they want to see

Our innovative international e-mentoring program, interACT, focuses on leadership, character and career development for deserving youth in developing countries, incorporating a fully sponsored life-changing trip to NY as part of the mentoring process.

Since 2009 we have mentored 44 youth. 80% have completed their high school education, 45% are continuing their studies in higher education and 45% are meaningfully employed in their communitiesYour support goes a long way!

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NYinterACT 2011*Become a partner of our Alumni Scholarship Program!
*We are excited to welcome 2 of our students from the Class of 2012 and a dedicated School of Hope teacher from June 17-28, 2014 for their East Coast interACTive experience! They will be visiting Washington DC, New York City, and Boston!
*11 mentees came to NY February 2-13, 2011 for their NY interACTive experience! Learn more about their life-changing experience! 
*Sponsor our mentees’ journey! We want to continue to provide this experience for many more youth. Your partnership enables us to help these youth continue their education!
to mentor! We’re always looking for amazing people for our interACT program

meghanMeghan’s Story

 This experience has helped me to be patient as it took time for communication between my mentor and me. I learnt how easy it is to connect with someone even if that person is miles away. Through this I know that my background only helps me to make a better person and able to reach out to the next person.

When I got back to South Africa (from New York) I had to face reality and make decisions for my life. I volunteered for five months and I started working shortly after that. I couldn’t start studying immediately because I had to help support my family. I started studying this year at the college of Cape Town.

The programme gave me confirmation for my future career in teaching. I would like to be a motivation to the children in my community and the government schools. In NY I was able to visit some of the schools, experiencing how they teach was great because their systems are more improved than in South Africa. It is very different and I got to see what type of teacher I want to be. I was inspired when I saw the children smiling and wanting us to visit them again filled my heart with joy.

I’ve learnt that my circumstances should not limit my dreams.